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Friday, March 8, 2013

Research plan updates class 5326

How to help ESL certified teachers understand and feel more comfortable with the LPAC Manuel requirements.
 5326 school community relations class.
Action research in progress
My research project is on its way. I have been collecting my data to have my staff development presentation. Talking with my site supervisor she agreed with me and she is letting the ESL certified team to attend my presentations during our March 8, 2013 staff development.  My site supervisor will give staff development hours to the ESL teacher for attending to my research presentation.  I will utilize one of the empty rooms in our school; the room is equipped with computer, microphone smart board and video camera that I will be able to utilize during my presentation. I have been gathering my data for the presentation and making informational packets to distribute and have the teacher followed during my presentation. I am currently working on my agenda setting the time for every item to be discussed. During my spring break week I will be able to look at all my gathered information and start working on my limited English proficiency classification flow chart. I will be following the LPAC manual, region 5 website and Texas education agency site. I have spent more than five hours getting my information and putting presentation and documentation together. I will present information to site supervisor before my presentation and get feedback with suggestions that will help on the development of my action research. I have confidence that our school can benefit with my research and we can implement the Texas education agency rules in place next year during our student’s placement.

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